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Michael Goodman

Associate Professor
Church History and Doctrine

Office: 270G JSB

Bio: Born and reared in Southern California. Joined the church just before 18th birthday. Served two missions to Bangkok Thailand; one a year after joining the church and the other from 1997 to 2000 as a mission president. Married to Tiina Anita Goodman from Lahti Finland since 1985. Son: Mika and Daughter Kaisa. Bachelors degree in Journalism: Public Relations, Masters degree in Information Technology and a Ph.D. in Marriage, Family and Human Development.Worked for the Church Educational System since 1989. The first 9 years teaching seminary and institute in Oregon. After returning from serving as a mission president, taught at BYU while completing a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family. After completing doctorate, was Manager of the Church Educational System’s College Curriculum for three years. Has taught eight different courses in both the Church History and Doctrine and Ancient Scriptures departments at BYU. Languages: Thai

Resources for The Eternal Family - RELC 200 Here

Courses Taught: The Eternal Family, Missionary Preparation, The Living Prophets and Doctrine and Covenants in the Church History and Doctrine Department; Book of Mormon, New Testament, Old Testament and Pearl of Great Price in the Ancient Scriptures Department

Areas of Research: Marriage and Family / LDS Doctrine / Missionary Work and the International Church

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