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Krystal Pierce

Assistant Professor
Ancient Scripture

Office: 303L JSB

Dr. Pierce was born in Logan, Utah and raised in Taylorsville, Utah, but has also lived in California, Idaho, Egypt, and Israel. She received a BA and MA in Egyptian archaeology from UC Berkeley and a PhD in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures from UCLA. Dr. Pierce has taught classes on Egyptology and ancient Near Eastern studies at UC Berkeley, UCLA, and the BYU Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies. She has participated in archaeological excavations and surveys at sites in Egypt (El-Hibeh, E29H1, and Karanis) and Israel (Jaffa and Tel Shimron). Dr. Pierce is currently the head registrar for the Tel Shimron Excavations in the Jezreel Valley, Israel. She and her husband, Dr. George Pierce, have two children (Victoria and Geo) and live in Vineyard, UT.

Areas of Research: 
Ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian: identity (cultural, religious, socio-economic, occupational) and personhood (age, gender, lifecycle), expatriates and refugees, women and children, and international relations.

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