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Dana Pike

Ancient Scripture

Office: 210H JSB

Bio: Pike has taught at BYU since 1992. He received his B.S. in Near Eastern Archaeology and Anthropology from Brigham Young University (1978), and his Ph.D. in the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Studies from the University of Pennsylvania (1990).

After serving seven years as the Coordinator for the interdepartmental Ancient Near Eastern Studies major, and four years as an Associate Dean of Religious Education, he served as Chair of the department of Ancient Scripture until 2020.

Courses Taught: Old Testament (RELA 301, 302) New Testament (RELA 211, 212), ANES 310 (History and Culture of Ancient Israel), ANES 430R (Advanced Topics in ANES)

Areas of Expertise: Hebrew Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Areas of Research: Ancient Israelite names, religion, and culture; Hebrew Bible; Dead Sea Scrolls

Languages: Ancient Hebrew and related ancient Semitic languages

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