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Charles Swift

Associate Professor
Ancient Scripture

Office: 316F JSB

Background: Dr. Swift has studied at The University of Dallas, Brigham Young University, and Columbia University. He has written a number of articles and book chapters with his primary research interest being the study of the scriptures through a literary lens. He also writes fiction, having published short stories and a novel, The Newman Resident. He teaches largely through class lecture and discussion, trying to help his students learn how to better understand the scriptures by more closely reading and analyzing the text.

Courses Taught: The Book of Mormon (REL A 121, REL A 122); The New Testament (REL A 211); Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel (REL A 250); Teachings and Doctrine of the Book of Mormon (REL A 275); The Book of Mormon as Sacred Literature (REL A 392R)

Areas of Research: Literary aspects of scripture; creatve writing

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