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Religious Education Faculty Photos/Barbara_Morgan_2011.jpg

Barbara Morgan Gardner

Associate Professor
Church History and Doctrine

Office: 365C JSB

Barbara thoroughly enjoys teaching religion at BYU. Currently she is teaching the Doctrine and Covenants, The Eternal Family and Teachings of the Living Prophets. Her research interests focus primarily on women in religious leadership, international education, most specifically Latin America, and religious pedagogy. Barbara received her Ph.D. in Instructional Psychology. Her master's degree is in Educational Leadership and Foundations with an emphasis in international education development. She completed post-doctoral work at Harvard University. She served as institute director in Boston which included her assignment as the chaplain at both Harvard and MIT. She continues to serve as the chaplain-at-large in higher education for the LDS Church. She also serves on the BYU Interfaith Outreach Council. Previous to teaching at BYU she worked as a seminary and institute teacher as well as a researcher for the Church Educational System. She was born and raised in Salem, OR, served a Spanish speaking mission in L.A. California, visitors’ center, and currently resides in Provo, UT. Barbara is married to Dustin Gardner. She enjoys her wonderful family, learning, teaching, traveling, people, the great outdoors and life!

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