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Employment Opportunities

Contact Religious Education for more information on:

  • Full-time faculty tenure track positions
  • Part-time or temporary instructor positions
  • Non-BYU doctoral student scholarships and stipends for research of interest to Religious Education
  • Research grants to support research in areas of interest to Religious Education

Thinking of Employment with BYU Religious Education?


Religious Education teaches scripture, LDS Church History and other gospel-oriented classes to over 25,000 students each year. To be considered for a tenure track position, you must hold a doctoral degree from an accredited university in an area of interest to Religious Education. Second, you must demonstrate your ability as a capable and committed teacher. Success in this area can be demonstrated through one or more of the following ways: successful teaching in a college setting, a seminary or institute classroom, within the BYU system or another institution of higher learning. Religion classes at BYU are expected to be on par with other BYU courses in terms of rigor and are in this way different from Institute classes or other gospel instructional settings. Finally, Religious Education is committed to active research and peer-reviewed publications in accepted venues. To be a viable candidate you must be a promising scholar with an ambitious research agenda in areas related to religious education. A quality doctoral dissertation and an initial publication record will evidence your potential as a scholar. Please refer to  for application specifics

Other Opportunities

Research in Religious Education

Critically important to the unique mission of BYU is a commitment to quality research and publication. Religious Education welcomes that opportunity and provides appropriate funding and support. Faculty publications are found in a variety of venues, demonstrating both the depth and breadth of our scholarship. Research funding is available to encourage exploratory research and to support ongoing projects with publication potential. Research productivity is key to merit pay and rank advancement in Religious Education. Expect our faculty to be as committed in their scholarship as they are in their teaching.

Teaching Opportunities


Religious Education offers three types of temporary salaried teaching opportunities. These positions require a master's degree.

  • A Spring or Summer term appointment to teach one or more religion classes.
  • A part-time appointment for one or more classes during a Fall or Winter semester.
  • A one-year appointment as a visiting professor during which the individual teaches a full load and participates in faculty life.

Research Opportunities

Religious Education offers supports for a wide range of scholarly activities.

  • Because faculty are expected to have an active research agenda, research funds and resources are provided to assist them accomplish their research goals.
  • Doctoral students from other institutions researching in areas of interest to Religious Education can apply for grants and scholarships that will assist them in their work. For application information please see the RSC link on

Contact us at or 801-422-2735